Thursday, July 23, 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Chrome, Nickel and Stainless Steel

Whether you're completing a full kitchen remodel or simply looking for a few finishing touches, finding kitchen cabinet hardware with just the right look is like proudly donning your favorite jewelry or fashion accessory. And, if silver-toned hardware options have garnered your attention, you are not alone. Chrome, nickel, and stainless steel kitchen hardware are all highly popular. Each provides a unique variation of neutral silver tones, and work well in both contemporary kitchen designs, and adorn traditional spaces as well.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops: A Style Guide

Popular white kitchen cabinets gleam with pizzazz, do you agree? If you are considering white to reface your existing kitchen cabinets, or for new cabinetry altogether, you are not alone in your color choice. From HGTV to Pinterest, editorial style guides feature white cabinetry that appeals to many individual preferences and tastes.

From traditional to contemporary, rustic farmhouse, shaker, or sleek and streamlined transitional looks, a kitchen anchored with versatile white cabinetry brings a crisp, fresh appeal to a range of design styles. Additionally, white enlarges the appearance of a space and helps reflect available light — all a plus in prep areas. Plus, aging eyes will appreciate the extra boost of brightness, especially in a kitchen workspace.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Protecting Your Investment in Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When planning your budget for a kitchen remodel, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) recommends allocating 10-25% of your home’s value. The NKBA also cites kitchen cabinetry as the largest expense, accounting for up to of 30% of your overall kitchen remodeling budget.

So, there are two things to consider with these costs in-mind:

  • Can the cost of kitchen cabinets be reduced?

And, since the investment is so substantial for cabinet doors,

  • How can I maintain the like-new appearance of my cabinets and extend their lifetime?

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Custom Kitchen Features — the Distinction is in the Details

As you’re thinking about kitchen improvements, or contemplating a whole remodel of the most frequently used room in your house, a quick check list will likely include kitchen cabinets, flooring, appliances and countertops. However, before you get too far down the path in planning, pause to also consider how to make your kitchen distinctly yours. There are ways to incorporate your unique lifestyle and design tastes into your kitchen and they are well worth the time and expense because personalized elements are almost always what make your new kitchen your favorite room to walk into.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas – Smart Space Organization

If you have ever watched any reality TV than you know everyone seems to have an immaculate pantry. From the door to the items inside everything seems so perfectly organized and ready to go. However, the truth is completely different, your pantry is cluttered with snacks and the hinges on the door are barely holding on. It’s time for a new pantry update- changing the doors! It might not seem like a huge task but boy does it make a difference. Here are invigorating pantry door ideas to liven up your snack space.

French Double Doors

psntry french doors Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
There is something about french doors that make any room feel luxurious instantaneously.

Okay, okay so your pantry isn’t exactly the size of Kim Kardashian’s it’s quite small. We are here to tell you that it is perfectly fine! It doesn’t have to be the biggest space, small pantries work just fine too. The key is getting creative with the decor and not falling back. That is where French double doors will come into play. These beautiful, charming doors are perfect for those that want to create a new space without feeling overwhelmed with decor. Bring in wood tones to give you a warm feeling that doesn’t overtake the rest of the rooms aesthetic.


matching cabinets scaled Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
Having a matchy-matchy approach makes any room feel larger due to removing most of the room’s different colors and textures. 

If making your pantry disappear is your goal, having it match with your cabinets is the way to go. Creating a matchy-matchy aesthetic works great when you have a small kitchen and want a more expansive feel. Many homeowners consider this option when they want to give their space the illusion of being one unit throughout. Consider going for wood when you want to make your personal space come to life with a cozy touch.

Screened In

screened pantry Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
Add a smokey feel to your screen doors to give it your pantry space some much-needed privacy.

Screened doors are now a part of your kitchen and we are loving every bit of it Though many might not consider the idea of having a screen door as their decor it’s an excellent idea. Not only does it give you the ability to look inside and see what you have available but it looks just as chic. Due to their lightweight manner, adding screen doors instantly bring a freshness to your kitchen, particularly if your space is feeling overwhelmed and stuffy.


chalkboard wall Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
It’s all about making your pantry door appear as versatile as possible while still being a standout element.

Add a little bit of fun by bringing chalkboard doors. Not only do they add a fun flair but it allows you to keep notes, grocery lists, and more right where you can see it every time. Furthermore, if you have children this is an excellent way of allowing them to express themselves by drawing or even spelling out what they want to eat that night. It’s all about making a well-loved area of your home feel new and exciting again. If you’re intimidated by such considering half a chalkboard door. Doing so gives you the same feel just a little more toned down.

Glass Window

glass window door Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
Why have one window when you can have an array of them while making the room feel as bright as possible.

Having doors with a bit of a peak effect is great for those times you want to know what’s inside of your pantry without having to fully go inside of it. That is where having a door with a glass window will come into play. It’s all about bringing a multidimensional feel to your kitchen by the simple act of adding a glass touch. You can even go as far as adding a popcorn glass for a bit of privacy from your guests. Doing so will add a dose of texture without being too noticeable. Furthermore, it makes the room have a sense of seamlessly without being too in your face.

Barn Doors

barn doors pantry Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
Bring in darker pantry doors when you want to add an edge while still being quite engaging in the room.

Once thought of as a “one-trick pony” barn doors have taken a huge leap in decor the last 10-15 years. They have become the ultimate go-to decorating item, due to how versatile they truly are. It’s almost as if they make more sense inside of your home than outside. With the ability to be mounted on tracks these fun doors add a country chic twist while being oh so charming. If you want a more modern approach consider painting them a fun hue and having them be the staple of your kitchen. It’s the statement piece you didn’t know you needed but it’s oh so charming.

Paint them Away

colorful pantry door 1 Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
The brighter the color the bigger the contrast the door will be able to showcase. It’s all about having that bold touch that enhances the room.

Let’s say you want to give your pantry a new twist but don’t have the means to do so. Though the answer is simple some might not consider it – paint your doors. It’s as simple as it sounds, add a fresh coat of paint, and have it feel new once again. Whether you decide to add a fresh touch of white paint or you decide on a bold shade, the possibilities are endless. You could even add fun artwork to it to truly enhance what you already have. Or have your children do some artwork and make it a family masterpiece.


shiplap doors pantry Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
Shiplap works so well due to how engaging yet simplistic it truly is. It’s all about having the room become as seamless as possible.

Let’s say you are in love with country decor but oh so tired of having everything barn related in your home. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider shiplap. Shiplap is great for those that want a country living aesthetic without cross the line to barn house. It’s the perfect in-between touch that feels as grand as it sounds. Consider painting it crisp white to add a modern touch right where you want and need it most. On the contrary, paint it black for an undeniable edge.

Bold Labels

pantry lbel Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
Adding a label will instantly make the room feel more real and even luxurious.

Another idea for those that don’t want to change their doors but want to add something different so the room feels fresh again. Bring in labels. Labeling your doors is great for those that want something new yet doesn’t want to put in too much effort. It’s the perfect way of keeping organized especially if you have another closet like areas in your kitchen. Consider purchasing a label maker to finish the look seamlessly.


contemporary pantry doors Invigorating Pantry Door Ideas Smart Space Organization
It’s all about being as engaging with a chic, contemporary touch, and keeping the room as modern as possible with a bold flair.

Love the idea and appeal of barn doors but don’t want the rustic appeal? Consider contemporary ones and embrace a modern vibe. Whether you use thicker doors or consider thin ones in a rich/dark hue the options are endless. The key is having them be as contemporary as possible so that they do become the statement piece the room revolves around. When you have a bold statement the entire room will feel much more modern and chic.

When it comes to your pantry what organization ideas do you follow? Share with us below.




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Monday, June 29, 2020

A Clean Kitchen: Antimicrobial Options for Counters and Floors

Although kitchens have long-been thought of as the heart of the home, they have become even more critical and central to daily life as we’ve been staying-in more due to the globally impacting, hard-to-kill COVID-19 virus. Shortly back in 2014, the United States Department of Agriculture cited that Americans over 18 years of age spend 37 minutes in food preparation and cleanup. Given time to compile meaningful data from 2020, the increase of kitchen activities is sure to be notable. The bright side of current circumstances is that we are, in-fact,spending more time at home with family and loved ones, dedicating more of our time to a task that, for most of us, gets pushed to the end of busy days as a necessity – cooking!

If the recent focus on home makes you to think about improving your kitchen and how to make this central gathering spot more conducive to your lifestyle, we also recommend considering how to create a space that resists bacteria and stays clean longer.

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Cool Stress-free Kitchen Updates for 2020

One of the most loved and used spaces of a home is the kitchen, we look there, we sometimes work there and most importantly we make memories. With that being said, the kitchen gets a whole lot of use and boy do we love it. However, if you have been in your kitchen often this quarantine then you know the space can feel like it needs a revamp. Whether, that is moving furniture around, giving it a deep clean, adding new pieces that brighten the room, or simply giving it a fresh coat of paint updating your space can instantly boost the appeal of the room and make it feel brand new. Here are a few stress-free kitchen updates for 2020 that will immediately give you a fresh vibe.

Hang Artwork

kitchen with artwork Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Use colorful artwork to make the room have an edge with just a hint of charm that is colorful yet engaging.

Though the kitchen isn’t the very first place you might think of adding artwork too, the space itself can make excellent use of art. Art is one of those elements that not only add character and charm but it allows you to make a statement without having to take away from the room overall. Take full advantage of the plain walls and fully embrace it. Bring in chic images that add color and texture to the room without going overboard. It’s all about having a piece of the room lighting up on its own. Add repetitive art for a charming appeal.

Farmhouse Accents

farmhouse appeal for the ktichen scaled Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Bring in as much wood to make the room feel as farmhouse as possible without overwhelming the room.

There is nothing like a farmhouse accent. Farmhouses have the stigma of being warm, cozy, and welcoming- who doesn’t want to feel that every time they enter their kitchen?! To bring a farmhouse touch, consider bringing in as much wood as possible at and keeping it airy. It’s all about making the room feel unique and chic while still being calming and engaging. Furthermore, it makes your kitchen feel like home no matter what the rest of your décor is.

Load up on Lighting

lighting in kitchen Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Whether you use the same type of lighting every time or you diversify your fixtures, you always want to have smaller lighting to help the room feel as bright as possible.

If there is one thing that will make the room come to life is lighting. Lighting works by making any awkward spot appear brighter even if the space is quite small. The key is working with multiple light fixtures and making them the main focus of the room. Consider bringing in light fixtures that are large enough to fill the room yet do not take away from your overall facts. It’s all about making the room have a chic appeal while still being charming and bright. Bring in a chandelier and add other light fixtures around for that cohesive charming appeal.

Furniture-like Island

kitchen island with stoage Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Work with a wooden island to fully embrace the room and give it that charming that feels cozy yet modern.

Though nobody can deny the fact that kitchen islands are practical, charming, and extremely useful. However, one thing most islands do not have is additional space. With that being said, consider the idea of bringing a furniture-like island and having it become a versatile piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to look practical the key is making it functional enough that you can use it for multiple different reasons, whether that is eating, or storing food.

Paint your Cabinets

colroful cabinets Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Take your kitchen to the next level by using a bold hue, pair it with darker bits for a contrasting appeal that makes sense to the room.

Anyone who reads our website frequently then you know how much we love the idea of painting your cabinets. Painted cabinetry is one of the easiest ways to make a room come to life. Furthermore, it enables you to give the kitchen a fresh new vibe without having to completely change up your décor. Use bold, vibrant hues from a modern touch that has a hint of new or go dark for that edge that screams “vintage chic.” Keep in mind, you want your cabinets to be the same hue so that every area of the room is as cohesive as the next.

Texture, Please

kitchen texture Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
For that bold texture work with a daring wallpaper. It makes a huge difference without taking away from the room’s organic approach.

There is nothing quite like having texture in a room, it adds color, character, and style by simply being displayed. Add multiple different textures such as plants, patterns, and colors for a bold appeal that easily makes the room come to life. Creating a bold texture makes the room have a sense of style that is inevitable to not admire. You might want to the texture you use the spotlight of the room by working on one area at a time. Never overwhelm the room, simply work with what the room has to offer and workaround for that seamless aesthetic.

Add Fresh Hardware

brass hardwre Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Consider using brass for endless amounts of vintage flair that feels nature and authentic yet modern and chic.

Completely changing your hardware could be just what your kitchen needs for a new twist. There is something about changing your hardware that will instantly make a room come to life. Whether you use unique ones that are extremely modern, or you go for a more traditional vibe you want your new hardware to be just as charming as the rest of the room.


luxury piece Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Whatever luxury pieces you decide to bring in remember to add a hint of marble. Marble is perfect for a contrast that engages the room and its luxury feel.

When it comes to making a kitchen feel more modern, and fresh consider changing your appliances and going with luxury. Whether you bring in a new refrigerator or a new stove it’s all about making your luxury element the main appeal. It should be the first thing people notice in a room without being too obvious. The key is creating a balance by splurging on the material that is mostly used in the room.

Open Shelving

open shelving 2 Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Add a plant or two to break down your displayed pieces while adding a hint of color

There is nothing like not having enough room to store your favorite items, which is where having open shelving will come into place. Open shelving works well in any space that needs something extra, but you don’t want to bring new décor. Additionally, it works well when you want to keep the space as open as possible while embracing what the rest of the room has to offer. Consider displaying your finest china and keeping the space chic and minimal.

Mix and Match your Furniture

mix and amtch stools Cool Stress free Kitchen Updates for 2020
Bring in colorful stools that come in an array of patterns to truly complete the look overall.

Not every single furniture in your kitchen needs to match bringing in new pieces that match each other is perfect for those that want to have something unique in the room that isn’t overbearing it. Consider mixing and matching your stools, consider bringing in multiple different hues or even patterns and sizes for that engaging look that is charming with a hint of unique. Furthermore, use stools in different sizes for the ultimate contrast.

It’s time to embrace your kitchen and have it come to life! Which of these ideas are you interested in trying? Share with us below.

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